Peterhead Baptist Church

We love community projects!

The team at the Peterhead Baptist Church decided it was time to freshen up their existing premises!

The Job

Electro-Tek were contracted by the church and tasked with the installation all of the electrics, such as the lighting fixtures and sockets (minus the new A.V. system).
The refurbishment was a sizable project involving many different tradespeople from construction teams through to professional decorators. Furthermore, a brand new extension was built to expand the existing space and make the best use of all the natural light available.

However, there were certain spaces where natural light was difficult to find due to some smaller windows. In these cases, it was decided that specialist overhead ring light fixtures were to be used to give the areas plenty of soft light. We are really pleased with how these turned out!

The End Result

The newly finished refurbishment has breathed fresh new life into the facilities. We are sure the refurbished space will serve the team at Peterhead Baptist Church very well for the coming years! We are thankful for the opportunity to work on a great community project like this.

Give us a call if you are thinking of undertaking a community project like this of your own: we’re here to help!