How to tell if your Electrician is qualified

How to tell if your Electrician is qualified

Electrical faults- they are inevitable!

Every landlord will fall victim to an unexpected electrical fault at some point in their property. Whether your external lights have gone up in smoke or you need a new fuseboard, it’s safe to say we have all been there!

Who do you call when a fault develops?

First and foremost, you should use a trustworthy Electrician or Electrical Contractor service that has a proven track record.
It’s easier than ever to get a quality recommendation for local tradespeople. On Facebook and other social media platforms, there are several groups dedicated to local recommendations.

But how do you know if they are qualified?

Ensuring your local Electrician is qualified should be a Top Priority for candidate selection.
It can be very tempting to save a few ££s and get a ‘homer’ from an unknown tradesperson. But is this person qualified to do the job?

Mandatory Qualifications

EVERY Electrician working in the United Kingdom should possess an SVQ level 3 accreditation, the most common of which is the BS7671

This qualification ensures that the Electrician in question understands the regulations associated with electrical work.

All electricians who hold this qualification should receive an identity card and certificate on completion.

Other Qualifications & Associations

NICEIC contractors are regularly assessed to ensure that they are competent and capable of meeting technical and safety standards.

In Scotland, SELECT is the leading trade association for Electrical Contractors. They provide guidance on technical issues, health & safety law and other matters. Using a SELECT affiliated company means that your Electrician is savvy to the industry & technical electrical standards.

Just ask!

If you are in doubt over the qualifications your Electrician possesses, simply ask! Any reputable Electrician should be happy to talk about the qualifications they hold and any professional associations they are a member of.

Contact Electro-Tek!

Next time you find an electrical fault develop, don’t hesitate to use Electro-Tek! We offer an Emergency Maintenance service:

Most importantly, all of our Electricians are BS7671 qualified. We are also a member of SELECT, NICEIC and other professional bodies.